6 Best WordPress Plugins Your Business Needs in 2020


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6 Best WordPress Plugins Your Business Needs in 2020

Author: Nelli Petrosyan

August 5, 2020

Over 75 million sites use WordPress on the web. This huge number showcases the power of this system used in different business niches. 

We’ve already posted about top security issues of WordPress talking about one of the most popular and essential software components-plugins. This time we will talk about the best WordPress plugins 2020.

It’s not enough to just find a relevant plugin and activate on your website. WordPress plugins require everlasting consistency. Each plugin supports a unique purpose. There’s no hard cap on the number of plugins you can use on your website. While there’s an unproven claim that plugins slow down a WordPress website’s performance. In fact, it depends on the size of a plugin and website optimization along with their usage.  

Nevertheless, to understand why to use plugins let’s first clarify what a plugin is and what are the best WordPress plugins for your business website. 

What is a WordPress Plugin? 

A plugin is a piece of software which helps you build your website. Plugins represent a set of functionalities that you can use to extend the technical opportunities of your website. 

Plugins can make changes both to the front end and back end of a website. For example, you can use them to activate pop-ups on your landing pages or track SEO analysis. 

Plugins can be installed on your website using WordPress plugin directory with more than 57.000 plugins or third-party sites. This process can also be done both manually and automatically. 

In this article, we will be talking about 6 best WordPress plugins your business needs in 2020 for social media, website speed improvement, SEO, backups, etc. At Constant Technologies we use some of them to reach our business goals and improve overall site performance. In our next blog posts we will be covering how to install plugins on your WordPress website so stay tuned.

6 Best WordPress Plugins for your business in 2020


Yoast SEO

If you have ever shown interest towards plugins then you have undoubtedly heard about Yoast SEO-one of the most famous plugins across the globe. Over 5 million websites use this plugin. 

Search engine optimization is very important for any kind of online business. Mostly in case of ecommerce websites SEO specialists invest much effort to reach their desired rankings. 

Yoast SEO plugin helps better optimize your website, include proper meta descriptions, and improve keyphrase usage in your site content. Its redirect feature allows you to get rid of any broken links on your website. In a word, Yoast is a great tool for on-page SEO. At Constant Technologies we also use this plugin for website optimization. 

Though Yoast SEO is free you can still use its premium version which has a number of useful features.

To install Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress website click here.


If you’re about to launch your online store then WooCommerce would be the best option for you to kick off your business. Statistics show that WooCommerce plugin is used by 93.7% of all WordPress eCommerce websites and over 28.19% of all online stores are powered by it.

So why is WooCommerce that popular and highly recommended? First of all, because it is an open-source plugin so it’s possible to modify anything you want. WooCommerce has also gone multilingual currently supporting 64 languages. Using this plugin lets you put unlimited products on your website and ease the ordering process. 

WooCommerce also has its mobile app for Android and iOS that helps boost your eCommerce sales, receive real-time sales notifications and stay updated with every single order. 

WooCommerce is free to use but you will need to pay for additional plugin functionality. 

To install WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website click here.

WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin

WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin enables sending emails from your website. Though WordPress sends emails using PHP mail function by default your customers may not always receive the important emails properly. 

This plugin works based on SMTP mail server. As a business owner, you would like your emails to appear right in the inbox, wouldn’t you? So do we at Constant Technologies that’s why we’ve been using this plugin for years. Integrate WP Mail SMTP to your business website plugins and make email deliverability way easier. 

The plugin has over 1 million installations. One of the core reasons it’s so reliable is that emails can be sent successfully even if SMTP ports are blocked by your web host. When using a built-in SMTP mail provider integration, the provider’s direct API is used to send emails.

One more advantage of SMTP is that you can use their website as an email service and send 50,000 free emails the first 30 days.

Instal WP Mail SMTP now clicking the link.

HubSpot Plugin

It’s no secret that HubSpot offers businesses a huge amount of useful materials to reach their potential business goals. And HubSpot has its own plugin as well- the HubSpot Plugin. It helps create live chats, chatbots, forms and popups on your website and convert your visitors into real leads.

By using this plugin your WP website connects to HubSpot’s CRM so that you can easily manage your website contacts, analyze your visitors’ behaviour and so on. 

HubSpot Plugin is free to use, but you can also upgrade to the paid version in case you want to obtain more functionality. 

To use this plugin on your website visit here. 


It’s probably one of the most lovely plugins in our company. Smush is an image optimization plugin for WordPress. It’s free to use for up to 5MB size files and does not affect the quality of your website images while compressing them. However, there’s also the pro version of Smush which allows compressing files up to 32MB. 

Resizing and optimizing images helps boost your website speed and save load time. And this is one of the prior things your website visitors want to face. Currently more than 1 million websites use Smush plugin. 

To integrate Smush to your plugin list click here.

Wordfence Security

In our previous blog we’ve talked about hacker attacks possible for WordPress Websites. Wordfence plugin is a security solution for them. It operates based on its malware scanner which alerts you in case of any security issue or hacker attack on your website. You can activate two-factor authentication as login security for your WP website using Wordfence and track real-time traffic and hack attempts. 

With over 3 million active installations Wordfence is the most popular security plugin for WordPress. It has both free and premium versions. If you want to have access to IP blacklists and a number of extra features to better protect your website you can upgrade to the paid plan of Wordfence.

You can install the plugin following the link.  

Final thoughts 

As we’ve already mentioned above more than 57K plugins exist for WordPress. In fact, a website is incomplete without plugins as plugins have an essential role in your business growth. They help optimize a website in many ways and save much time for your team.

But it does not mean you can use whatever plugin you find on the web. Research before choosing a plugin, understand your business goals and define the main purpose of your desired plugin. Read user feedback to better prioritize plugins for your website. 

In our next articles we’ll be covering how to install plugins. So stay tuned not to miss out anything!