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?New Year is at the next door which means it’s time to prepare for new challenges. Especially in Digital marketing it’s expected to have various changes as the sphere is growing fast and sharply and new trends come into existence. As there is little time left till 2020 starts, let’s highlight digital marketing upcoming tools and know-hows.

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Top 5 emerging technologies of 2019

5G Network and new smarter Google Voice search among them

Information technology is a rapidly growing part of today’s society.  Before the rise of modern day technology, life was difficult and everyday activities took too much of our time and energy.

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6 Thought Leaders To Be Followed on Twitter

Twitter as the major source for Tech news ?

For better or worse, having 321 million active users, Twitter has become a major source for breaking news and thought-provoking discussions on a variety of different topics for millions of people. The trend isn’t unique to a specific industry, as individuals can hold their Twitter feed and establish a niche that people can follow. The technology sector is no exception. Twitter is the home for latest tech news. It offers a great way to stay up-to-date on news about a wide range of IT and leadership topics and which is not less important for networking.

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8 ways to make more use of your content ?

Quality content nowadays is something of a buzzword. It achieves a marketer’s goal of persuading a reader to consume more of the content, share it with their network, or purchase a service or product.

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8 Tips on How to build a great software product

Can you build a great product on the first try? Are there some best practices that will help you achieve this? In this article, we will try to highlight all the nuances of this process and give some valuable points that you need to bear in your mind while building your product.

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How to trust an outsource company for your project

Did you ever think of outsourcing your project? Sure you did! The reason for many businesses to outsource web development is to cut costs, as well as making business processes more flexible. Honestly, it is always a challenge for a company to trust someone who is thousands of miles away. It’s a question of quality and security at the same time.  

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Upcoming Biggest Tech Events in Yerevan

Armenia and its capital Yerevan are the new centers of creativity and innovation. The Armenian tech industry is growing at an annual rate of 20%, greatly exceeding the country’s 2% economic growth. Annual tech revenues from 400 IT companies make up to $475M. Isn’t it great?! ?

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8 Simple Ways to Promote your Mobile App

In today’s digitalized world where anything and anyone is going online, mobile apps are playing a vital role in every business. Once you wish to have a quick and effective connection with your users, you need to have a really good and strong mobile app. Needless to say that it should be user-friendly, eye-catchy and intuitive as for the usage.

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The next big thing in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, marketing has changed a lot and it’s not the same marketing that we have been used to see years ago. There is a lot of new trends and technologies emerging every day and you should be in the current of the field so as you can succeed.

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“Կոնստանտ Թեքնոլոջիս”֊ ի Երևանյան նոր գրասենյակի բացումը

Օրեր առաջ բացվեց Կոնստանտ Թեքնոլոջիս ընկերության Երևանյան նոր գրասենյակը Դավիթաշեն համայնքում։  Բացման երեկոյին ներկա գտնվեցին IT ոլորտի մի շարք ներակայացուցիչներ, հյուրեր Իսրայելից, տարբեր ոլորտի մասնագետներ։

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Python vs. TypeScript vs. Go. Which one to choose in 2019?

Trend 2019 #1: Can Python catch up with Java?

Python is the third most popular language in the world but took its position recently: according to data from Stack Overflow, Python bypassed PHP in 2017, and C # in 2018

And it was predictable, the growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) contributes to the development of Python. Engineers seem to like using this language for programming. According to Hello Rae, the results of the latest survey of IEEE members, Python-is their favorite.

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Artificial Intelligence/AI in Software Testing

In 21st century AI is coming to change our vision for life. It is everywhere in our daily life: may it be while commuting, working or just relaxing.
We are unconsciously in touch with AI and it will become more and more integrated into our daily lives. Nowadays many professions are trying to implement AI in their working process. And now we are going to see how AI is helping to do Software Testing.

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Why choose Laravel?

Laravel is a web application system with an expressive, elegant syntax. We believe that the development process must be an enjoyable and creative experience thus Laravel attempts to ease common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.

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Armenia: The Silicon Valley of ex-Soviet Union

Once the Silicon Valley of the USSR, Armenia is one of the leading software development countries in the world. Just ask Google, Microsoft or Intel which have R&D facilities located in Armenia.

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Software Development Trends You Can’t Miss in 2019

There are many guesses appearing every year. They try to understand which topic in software industry could reach the top of the world’s interest. We gathered here some of the software development trends that we think will be present this very year. So, lets drive right in..

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