Digital Marketing 2020: What to expect?


"Digital Marketing 2020"

Digital Marketing 2020: What to expect?

Author: Nelli Petrosyan

December 28, 2019

New Year is at the next door which means it’s time to prepare for new challenges. Especially in Digital marketing, it’s expected to have various changes as the sphere is growing fast and sharply and new trends come into existence. As there is little time left till 2020 starts, let’s highlight the upcoming tools and know-hows of Digital Marketing 2020 .

Video Sharing

Nowadays people prefer to use content as easily as possible. Getting the needed information in a quick way is one of the primary desires of 21th-century readers. From this aspect video content has a number of advantages: it’s always more digestible, impressive and perceptible. You can combine listening and watching in a video shot, also call-to-action challenges. New video sharing applications appear day by day and shape fresh user engagement opportunities. “My teenager’s latest goal is to become TikTok famous” Martha Ivester, Head of Ads Marketing, Google Europe mentions. This comes to prove that mostly among teenagers video sharing is becoming a popular habit. So make sure to integrate video sharing to your marketing plan as it is a part of Digital Marketing 2020 trends.

Social Listening 

This is all about customer reviews on a certain social media channel. For any kind of product, it’s vital to run a user-oriented strategy. Your customers may leave comments which can help you better compose your future marketing steps, ad campaigns and expand your audience engagement. In 2020, you must focus on monitoring your brand’s social media channels. In case of emphasizing social listening, any business owner will have a chance to better understand industry trends

Voice search 

Recently Google announced it’s Interpreter mode now supports translation for 44 languages. What could make life easier than this? Voice search traffic can help identify who is mostly interested in your brand, what people search about your product. By the way, it’s expected to have 1.6 billion people using voice assistants daily at the end of 2021.


There is no exact prediction for digital marketing upcoming trends. However, some of them constantly stay on the top. Newer tools and features appear daily and make a stronger environment for any digital marketing proposes. Apart from everything, the most important component remains the content you produce. The rest is just a way of demonstrating its power. Remember to always keep up to date with fresh opportunities and changes.