How to work from home effectively during COVID19


"5 tips to improve remote working"

How to work from home effectively during COVID19

Author: Nelli Petrosyan

July 1, 2020

It’s been almost half a year since humanity has been living with coronavirus. It has become the new normal for all kinds of businesses worldwide. Most of the office work is still done remotely in the whole world. Although there is still some hope to overcome the pandemic in the near future most businesses consider work from home mode as the next big thing in their strategy. 

Working from home is more or less stressful for people with different experiences. For those who have just started their career it may seem both joyful and weird. For people who have previous experience remote work may be much more desirable than returning to offices again. 

In any case, not all kinds of businesses benefit from remote work. Many of them were highly damaged due to COVID19 situation. But there are also industries where working from home was not a real discovery. For example, in software development working remotely has always been a common practice. Therefore it has not suffered that much from the aspect or work productivity and team building.

In this blog we will talk about some useful tips for effective remote work. Let’s understand how to make this process more successful and beneficial. 

"Work-from-home times"
Define your working hours 

If you constantly strive for perfection in your work consider scheduling to be the most important factor. Leaving your tasks in a mess and not having an exact timetable to perform them is the main cause of being overloaded. Full-time workers usually face deadlines-sometimes strict and sometimes soft ones. While freelancers don’t always work under deadline pressure: they have a wider chance to define their working hours. No matter what type of employee you are, always have a plan at hand: prioritize your tasks and give preference to the most urgent ones. You’re not a robot nor Bruce Almighty to be able to do everything at once. Take a rest and take your time. That’s the only key to effective work. 

Discuss important issues via video call

Now, when people are stuck indoors because of the coronavirus situation the overall demand of video calls for business has increased globally. Connection has gone virtual like never before due to the lockdown and video calls often appear to be the most effective way of contacting your teammates. Zoom has become the most downloaded app worldwide in 2020. Though there are so many opportunities for messengers, chats and texting to help you work from home, video call still has its advantages:

  • It’s faster and therefore less time consuming
  • It’s live: you talk to people in person
  • It allows you to show anything in real time and share your screen for better understanding
  • it’s a great way for online team gatherings as you can talk to many people at once via single video call
  • You don’t need to wait for your teammate’s reply like in case of chat messaging
  • You speak instead of typing therefore you save your time

So if you have not integrated video calling as a part of your remote work strategy do it today. Take every possible step to reduce the complexity of working from home. 

Keep in touch with your team regularly

This part does not only refer to “work from home” mode. Being in contact with your teammates is a must in any kind of job. The best work is teamwork so never hesitate to ask your team anything or inform them about a problem. Task division is also a great approach whenever there’s a chance to do so. If you feel yourself overloaded and can’t manage to complete your tasks on time ask a teammate to help you. Don’t let the remote workstyle affect teamwork negatively. Do the opposite, enhance the team spirit and keep up the sense of collectiveness.

Use fast internet connection 

Remote work is nothing without internet connection. Now, when most activities have gone online it’s impossible to imagine daily life without access to the internet. While working from home make sure you have a fast internet connection. Much of your work depends on that. Let’s say you’re having an important discussion with your team leader and all of a sudden your connection gets lost. You’ll be put in an awkward position, right? To avoid such troubles, solve the connection problem in advance before starting to work from home. Remote work is nothing but a constant communication via online channels.

Have a break to relax

Overworked employees do not always help the pace of the office work. They lose their productivity easily and damage their own mental well-being. As the Tork research indicates, employees who take a break are more satisfied with their job and work more efficiently than others. Even though deadlines are important the quality of your work is in a higher position.

After the transmission of COVID19 remote work has become a daily routine for almost all of us. At Constant Technologies, we’ve also switched to working from home like the rest of IT offices. And this was a great experience for our team to reveal so many hidden facts for themselves. What about your own learnings? Would you like to remain a remote worker once the lockdown is over? Comment your thoughts right below in the comments!