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(בדיקת תוכנה ואבטחת איכות)

How many times have you instantly uninstalled a mobile app you just installed because it was buggy, didn’t do what it promised or was constantly freezing? Too often we bet. What about a desktop application? This is where the QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) SERVICE comes in to make sure your customers don’t turn around and abandon your apps and websites after you have made so much effort to get them to try them.

Constant Technologies QA service in Israel, Armenia, USA (etc.) is dedicated to prevent problems now rather than fix them later.

  • Quality Assurance – is aimed at avoiding defects. It is a proactive measure and requires involvement of all team members. Constant Technologies QA service is a systematic process of monitoring whether a product or service is being developed in accordance with requirements. Its is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers. This is what ISO 9000 quality management system defines as “part of quality management, focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled”.
  • Software Testing – is one of the activities of Quality Assurance. It measures and improves the quality of software. Constant Technologies’ software testing service will help you improve software quality using key metrics, assessing the scalability and performance of your software, providing process assurance and documentation management, and analyzing security and architectural risks.

We provide services of manual as well as automated testing to ensure software’s smooth and seamless operation.

Cutting corners on testing software presents significant business risks whether losing your customers or damaging your brand’s reputation.

Constant Technologies quality assurance in Israel, Armenia, EU & US projects helps ensure that software is up to the task and meets customer expectations! And software testing insures quality assurance is met.