Remote work at Constant: How did it work out?


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Remote work at Constant: How did it work out?

Nelli Petrosyan

March 10, 2021

🗓 In March 2020 when COVID19 raged across the globe Constant Technologies team switched to remote work mode. From then on we worked remotely for 8 months.

Remote work at Constant brought together many things in many senses: a higher sense of time management and team spirit, more responsibility towards daily tasks, a chance to enrich your skillset, and so on. 

Since November 2020 we at Constant have been working from the office again. Now it’s high time to summarize the results and the overall impact of this experience. This blog is a word of mouth of our teammates. Let’s find out how remote work has affected their work and what changes it has brought to their industries.

Working process at Constant Technologies

📌 Working remotely in 2020 was not a choice but an obligation as the whole world was forced to do so due to COVID19 pandemic. 

In the first period of our remote work experience we could notice it was effective as our employees could spend more time on work being at home. We also could save some operational costs as the office was closed. 

But we felt halfway that the overall effectiveness of work had decreased. The very reason for that was the problem of concentration for team members being at home and being distracted with so many things. In most cases I felt the team spirit was lost as people were losing real contact with each other. And many of the Constant employees were even asking to go back to the office. 

Building a strong working community and cordial environment is one of the most important strategic milestones of our company. And that’s why we don’t consider switching to full remote work mode at Constant Technologies. I personally think that solutions are best made during in-person negotiations as man is a social being and permanently needs live communication. 

David Aramian, CEO and Founder
Tal Gozlan, Co-founder

📌 In general, working remotely seems to be convenient, since the time that you spend on transportation is used for work. Honestly, there were times I worked from home longer than a working day usually lasts. But, as a project manager and, especially as an operation manager, I felt I was losing contact with those team members I had no common projects with over time. At one point I had to put in a lot of effort so that the team feels itself complete.

Lilit Barakyan, Project Manager 

📌 Working remotely turned into a successful experience for me. Though sometimes I used to start my work later I also worked till midnight. I especially liked the part that it was not a must to dress up, wash your face to go to work /laughing/. From time to time I was also distracted by the noise of my family members especially during the calls. But it was possible to handle all these challenges.

Nerses Amirkhanyan, Android Developer 

📌 So many people believe that remote work has nothing positive. I totally disagree with this statement. I think the world tends to move to remote work mode especially after COVID19. Working from home reduces fatigue in many senses as you own and control your time. Also, it helps you to redefine your basic working needs. Maybe in the case of big teams it is a bit problematic but in small teams this practice does work out.

Nelli Petrosyan, SMM Specialist/Content Writer

📌 The good side of remote work for an SEO specialist comes as the following:

You can start your work really early and use morning hours more productively. You have a big chance to start using materials such as licenced programs, books and other things you saved before.

You are less distracted at home. Prolonged concentration is really important for an SEO Specialist who has to keep in mind many aspects of the website simultaneously as one change prompts others.

What is problematic about remote work is that you start distancing from your team. Also, sometimes discipline suffers as you feel more relaxed at home.

Anahit Khachatryan, SEO Specialist

📌 I find remote work an excellent practice. First of all, you save much time on travelling to the workplace. The only thing I find negative is that group discussions are not always as effective as in-person ones. 

Robert Grigoryan, Back-End Developer

📌 If you want to enjoy your remote work go and create your own corner at home! For me working remotely was great as I was doing a quite interesting project. I think deadlines neutralize all the discipline problems. And most importantly you have flexible working hours. Daily calls via zoom or skype really help to keep the communication inside the team stable.

Lusine Hovhannisyan, Full Stack Developer

📌 2020 was very hard for all of us. And remote work showed us its pros and cons. The biggest downside was that I personally missed my teammates and friends and this influenced my workday. To be honest, this usually impacts my working mood and productivity. As a UI/UX Designer I can say that working remotely does not affect my professional abilities and skills at all, because the style I use to work is the same in any case.

Hrayr Sharoyan, UI/UX Designer

👨🏻‍💻 If you still work from home or you’re planning to we suggest you read our blog on how to make your remote working experience more successful. And don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comments below 💬 .