Top 5 software development tools to use in 2021


"Software development tools for 2021"

Top 5 software development tools to use in 2021

Author: Nelli Petrosyan

February 1, 2021

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It’s the era of innovative technologies. New solutions appear daily and those who stand behind them are developers. Software development tools are also included in the list.

Software development is at its pace of growth. The total number of developers is expected to reach 28.7 million people by 2024. In fact, this huge number proves the high demand for software development globally. 

Along with all these using flexible software development tools remains essential. In this article, we have collected the top 5 software development tools to use in 2021. So let’s jump to the journey and explore the new normal for 2021.

What is a software development tool?

A software development tool is an all-in-one approach to the development of an application or system. Using a relevant tool a developer can start working on his project from scratch as well as support and debug it throughout the process. In short, a software development tool is a key to the final product.

Both free and paid tools are available. You just need to understand your resources to be able to choose a relevant one. However, free software development tools usually have limited features. 

Now let’s see which tools are considered to be the best for 2021 and what they offer to a developer.

"Top 5 software development tools 2021"
Infographic by: Constant Technologies

What can be more time consuming than fixing the bugs? Embold is the right way to help developers avoid any technical inconveniences․ It’s a static code analysis tool that discovers all the fixes in the code and tells you why and how they need to be changed. 

What’s the most fascinating is that Embold offers 3 IDE (integrated development environment) plugins that help developers easily find out potential bugs. Below you can find the links to the plugins for the following IDEs:

Embold provides both free and paid plans. Its free plan is available for all open source projects. The price list is shown here in more detail.

Zoho Creator

Sometimes you don’t need too much code to get your desired application. Instead, you can use low code platforms like Zoho Creator that make this process faster. Also, Zoho Creator has a number of prebuilt templates to be used in development. 

Zoho Creator is a useful tool not only for software developers but also for business owners, managers, and everyone engaged in a certain team. It allows you to generate reports, collect and analyze data and integrate third-party applications. 

Over 3 million applications (web and mobile) were built using Zoho Creator worldwide. It’s also easy to get started with this tool: you can choose a free plan or enjoy your 15-days trial with all the premium features.


Probably the best-known platform for software developers and managers. GitHub is a code hosting and reviewing system with more than 56 million developers on the board. 

As a software development tool, its main advantage is that it allows you to upload your projects and share them with others so that you can easily reach new beneficial collaboration. 

GitHub is a version control system. Thanks to its flexible in-built features you can allocate your master project (branch) on GitHub creating multiple branches for it. Sharing those branches with your teammates will allow them to make initial changes to the project and transfer them into the master project only after the final inspection.
GitHub offers 1 free and 3 paid plans for different business needs. You can check the full list here.


CodePen calls itself a social development environment tailored for front-end developers. This platform unites more than 1.8 million front end developers and designers. A front-end developer can start and test his project right away. 

CodePen is suitable both for seasoned and beginner developers. It mostly focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It’s not all about allocating your project on this platform and start working on it. It also stands out as a great Q&A online community of front end developers where they can share their knowledge and experience.


If you think text editors exist only for content writers you’re definitely mistaken. While talking about software development tools mentioning Atom is a must. It’s a famous text editor for developers and most importantly this open-source tool is free to use. 

Atom has an autocomplete feature that helps code easier and faster. Another advantage of it is that it supports all main OS like Windows and Linux.

To use the additional functionality of Atom a developer can choose a package or create it from scratch and share it with others to work on together. 

You’ll get lost in the huge flow of software development tools once you decide to explore all of them. But as software development is at its pace of growth it’s of high importance for any developer to be informed about any new tool that appears. 

If you’ve not been using the above-mentioned tools then take your chance and kick off with them today. 

👇 Share your beloved tools in the comments below and help others find new and useful working ways.