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Good websites are designed and developed with regard to business problems they are intended to solve.

So if you have one great product to sell, you probably need a landing page. If you have a single product with lots of accessories or many options, you probably need a promotional website. Whatever your case – we have a solution. To “buy” or “order” a website you first need to consider the business need and Constant Technologies designs websites that serve the need.

  • Portfolio website – is suitable for small companies or skilled
    individual contractors who have a goal to collect new orders
    by showcasing the work they have already completed. Constant Technologies designs websites to showcase your portfolio at its best!
  • Blog website – suitable for experts in specific sphere, who offer useful information to their audience in form of articles or video entries. Blog is a popular format optimized for search engines around a specific topic. Constant Technologies develops blogs with respect to those needs.
  • Corporate website – Companies with many products and services, and a large number of customers and employees need a website that is both presentable and intuitive. Corporate website popularity is directly dependent on usability and ease of navigation. Constant Technologies develops web which address that need.
  • Designing for users – Put the needs of the site’s users first. If you don’t know what users’ needs are, ask them. Websites with highest conversion rates are designed and build around user needs.
  • Designing with purpose – A great website has beauty AND brains. Naturally, it must look good. But it also needs to be built with clear goals, conversion points and pleasant user journey. Constant Technologies UI UX design serves exactly this purpose.
  • Design for discoverability – We value aesthetics and creative design but keep in mind that design must not interfere with websites visibility to search engines. As a web development company Constant Technologies guides and advises your design options that will keep your website SEO optimized, relevant for search engines and engaging for users.


Constant Technologies website design process includes providing a website mock up from the start. You can evaluate the design, test functionality and get the experience of an actual performing site. As a website development company Constant Technologies presents a large catalog of websites with creative designs and tailor them to your business needs.


Constant Technologies does website development in Israel, Armenia, US, EU and keeps expanding its client geography.

Here is our web site development process:

  • Understanding your vision – We let you present your goals for the website and help you shape your vision with guiding questions. We put effort to make sure we speak in same terms and understand you fully. We will also present you with options you might not think existed. After you are happy with design, layout & functionality we stipulate all key points in a contract that will make the process of site development transparent and easy to monitor for you.
  • Website content creation – No one knows your business better than you. You surely have a lot of things you want to communicate to your customers. As a specialized website development company in Israel Constant Technologies will help you present your knowledge in formats and sequences that will be most liked by your customers.
  • Website management – After your website content is filled and functionality tested (by Constant Technologies web developers and you) it goes live to welcome its visitors. Easy to understand content management system of WordPress based websites will allow you to add and remove content as your business evolves, without the need to talk to programmers every time.
  • Website SEO optimization – All of our websites come with base internal SEO optimization.

We make sure all our websites are

  • Ready in short time
  • Have user friendly interface
  • Load fast
  • Have creative & cool web design
  • Have needed technical support
  • Have an easy navigation

If you need complex website application development where your corporate website will also be a hub for different internal transactions & tasks monitoring, then please check our custom software development services page . Leave us a message and we will send you timeline and price options for your business!

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