Surviving the quarantine: Useful sources to check these days


"Useful sources during quarantine"

Surviving the quarantine: Useful sources to check these days

March 27, 2020

This is an open library where we gather and update the most interesting resources from all over the internet for surviving the quarantine. Now that everyone is under quarantine in the scope of COVID-19 we though it’s a good time to share exciting resources with each other to get us through the times of uncertainty. We’ve put together some helpful links to help you reduce wasting spare time in vain and survive the quarantine in an easy way.

So let’s get started!


?OPENLEARN – A free education platform

? STEPIK – Free math courses catalog

? SOUND GYM – Audio ear training and learning center for producers & engineers

? WRITING9 – Preparation for IELTS exam

? DATACAMP – IT education platform (Data Science courses)

? KADENZE – Educational platform in the sphere of art and creative technologies

? CLASS CENTRAL – A free educational platform

? STARTUP SCHOOL – Learn how to launch a startup


? METROPOLITEN OPERA Performance recordings for over 14 years 

? S.T. PETERSBURG ACADEMIC PHILHARMONIA  – Free online broadcasting

? NOTALONE – DJ streamings from all over the world

? SOUNDSCAPE – musical festival stream marathon.

Make money

?SKYENG– Teach English online

?Amazon MTurk – complete short simple tasks

?CHEGG– Academic tutoring that helps students complete their assignments in variety of subjects and get paid from 20$ per hour

?PAID VIEWPOINT – Get paid by taking short surveys online daily

?USERFEEL – Get paid up to $10 for testing website usability. Payments are done within 7 days via PayPal after completed task approval

?USERTESTING – get paid up to $60 for usability tests. Tasks are pretty easy. Payments are done via PayPal

Online bars

? ENGLISH, DO YOU SPEAK IT?– A room with English speaking guests.

? STAY THE F&%K HOME – Stay home and don’t drink alone. A cool group chat. Almost impossible not to join. But that’s ok, try to see if there is room Constant Tech team’s table J and say hi.


⚽️ DOWN DOG– Free access to fitness sessions until April 1st

⚽️ NIKE TRAINING CLUB– Application with free training sessions

⚽️ DAREBEE – Free fitness resource with big exercise base, assignments and eating plans

So could you find any of them useful? Share resources that keep you positive by contacting us or leaving a comment here!