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Why would you want to develop a mobile application if you already have a website?

  • Flexible communication –  customers can book time to get your services via their mobile application and you can and make prompt offers via notifications.
  • Better personalization – you can tailor communication with your customers based on their location, online behavior and interests. And when users receive personalized treatment there is a higher chance they will stay loyal customers
  • Push notifications – for long businesses reached out to their customers via email. And for long businesses abused this channel of communication with spam emails which led to emailing lose its previous effectiveness.With a mobile application you can reach out to your customers via push or in-app notifications which customers asked for.
  • Using mobile device features – having a mobile app allows you to use inbuilt smartphone features to make the user experience for your customers and the internal team easy, fun and interactive. You can make use of the camera, contact list, GPS.
  • Offline availability – Even if your website is down or user has slow internet connection they can still access your businesses’ essential information (like price-lists, subscription details, and calculators of your services) via your mobile app.
  • Increased interaction with customers – Studies confirm that most time on mobile phone is spent in apps. Time spent on mobile phone is increasing and so is time spend in apps. The earlier your app find its place on user phone the higher your apps commercial potential will be.
  • First questions to ask when developing an app are: What you want your users to do with it? What do you want to do with it?
  • Next questions to ask are: Do you need a hybrid or native app development? Should you concentrate on Android or iOS first?
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development – It is common for business to rush to market its mobile app and develop an application for multiple platforms at the same time. However the multi-platform hybrid approach often means limited functionality for your app which makes it harder to retain users in the long run and decreases conversation rate. We will advise the best way to go based on your business goals.
  • Native Mobile App Development – Native app development is when you develop your app for each specific platform. Native mobile applications provide users with consistent, faster and richer experience, drive engagement and encourage loyalty.

If you are not sure which app development approach is right for you, leave a us a message and we’ll get back to your with recommendations.


Constant Technologies is a mobile app development company fluent in both iOS mobile app development and Android app development.

We build native apps for operating systems using platform-specific programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin.

Our mobile app development makes custom solutions around your business domain and budget.

Constant Technologies provides minimum viable product (MVP) to verify your idea is coming together the way you want. This allows to make an early launch and gather early customers with apps base features. Then new features can be added to your mobile app to reflect the complexity of the business.

The Process starts with
  • Collecting your ideas & doing data research
  • Technical evaluation of mobile app developer
  • Wrapping in beautiful UI/UX design
  • Testing for quality assurance and usability
  • Launch & welcoming users

Don't be afraid to ask

Constant Technologies develops end to end mobile applications customized to your needs. Not sure how to start mobile application development? Is it at all for you? You can talk to us every weekday via chat, call, on-site messaging or email.

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